In its unequivocal commitment to sustainability, starting on January 1st 2019, SPB has become a member of AVEP, the Valencian Association of Plastic Entrepreneurs.
AVEP is an association that welcomes over 110 companies in the plastic transformer sector.
SPB is a great manufacturer that introduces millions of units of products into the market. For this, SPB is aware that its contributions can make a big difference and becoming part of AVEP is another step forward in regards to new projects linked to the use of plastic.
Amongst the challenges SPB will have to face, there’s the reduction of plastic consumption by launching concentrated products, auto-dosing products and reduce total packaging weight. Also to reuse and recycle, for example, taking advantage of a very high proportion of byproducts in the production processes or increasing the proportion of recycled raw material in each container.
SPB moves forward with its "green growth" strategy.

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